John Rainis is a Boston based illustrator and printmaker. Formally trained at Lesley University's College of Art and Design (Formerly the Art Institute of Boston), John gathered the skills of artistic production from LUCAD's illustration program, while learning the skills of execution through taking many printmaking courses. John is currently employed at Antidesigns, a local South Boston based silkscreen shop, offering high quality, hand pulled garment and flatstock  printing services. Among numerous printing skill-sets, John is also knowledgable in designing artwork and layout for posters, album art, and apparel, including hand typography. Through experience in the printshop, John has added steps to his process to create "print ready" imagery, as well as having knowledge of file preparation for outsourced design projects. Having moved two different printshops on separate occasions, he has also acquired useful knowledge of shop build-out and design.

He draws influence for his personal work from the minute and hidden details of the outdoors and natural history, in an attempt to focus on the pieces that people often look past. In combination with obsessive fascination to the natural world, he is also greatly inspired by the atmospheric qualities of music and how they can inform creation.